Early presidential endorsement out of left field

With only two years to the next presidential election, the conversation on who is going to run or not has already begun.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are trying to take control of the throne.

However, many Americans have begun to have an overall sentiment that neither party will fulfill the needs of the people.

In order to restore this faith, both parties are looking at possible candidates that will motivate the people to vote for them.

On the Republican side, many conservatives are hoping that Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, adds his name to the ballot.

Christie has gain a lot of popularity and support with his strong charisma and conservative attitude.

Other candidates for the Republican Party include Marco Rubio, Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, and Senator Ted Cruz.

On the left, many have the idea that Hillary Clinton will run again for president, and win.

Clinton ran in 2008, but lost to current President Barack Obama. Many liberals have come out and endorsed Hillary who has yet to declare publicly whether or not if she will be running. Others in the Democratic Party are hoping to see Vice President Joe Biden run for office as well.

However all the candidates listed above are not nearly as qualified to be president than Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

Sanders is a life-long and the longest-serving independent in the senate.

Sanders has been in office since 1981 when he first served as the mayor Burlington, Vermont until 1989.

Then in 1991, Sanders continued his political career as was elected into the US House of Representatives where he served for the next 16 years. In 2007, he took the office of US Senator from Vermont.

Unlike most politicians, Sanders is very open about his policies, and is not afraid to admit that he is a socialist.

Honesty has always been one of Sanders’ strong points, Sanders believes in a transparent government.

He voted in favor of the DISCLOSE Act which would make the information on which companies donated to each candidates to the public, the act also bans US companies manage by foreign interests to donate to candidates.

While on the topic of foreign interests, Sanders also opposed the Iraq from the start while most Democrats voted in favor of it. Sanders is also an out-spoken opponent of the Transpacific Partnership which provides less regulation to foreign trade as well as benefits only the mega-rich.

Ending poverty is Sanders’ strongest passion.

Sanders has been a strong supporter of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and has brought that voice to Washington D.C.

He has given numerous filler busters as well as speeches to Congress about his support for the movement, and the need to heavily reform how Washington D.C. operates.

Sanders has pushed for a bill that overturns the Citizens United case by the Supreme Court which legally declares corporations as “people” and that corporations have a the right to donate unlimited amounts of money to campaigns.

This is what Sanders understands as the root of many of the economic problems that America and the world is facing right now.

Sanders has explained that allowing corporations to donate unlimited money to buy elections has destroyed our country’s democracy.

Sanders believes that Wall Street runs congress which is why so many financial regulations have been removed which led to the lending and banking crisis back in 2007 and 2008.

Corporate lobbying has also led to anti-union laws, tax breaks for the rich, and bailouts and subsidies to multi-billion dollar businesses while programs like food stamps, education, and Medicare continues to be cut.

Sanders opposes any cuts made to these social programs and demands an tax increase on the rich as well as an end to all corporate-tax loopholes.

Sanders is also a supporter of personal freedom. Sanders is a strong supported for free-speech, LGBTQ rights, and an advocate for reproductive rights such as abortion or contraceptives.

He has also been a strong advocate of protection religious liberty of all religions and supports the separation of church and state.

Right now, Sanders is faced with the decision of running on the Democratic ticket or to run as an independent.

Sanders realizes that running as a Democrat will get him into the debates and allow him to reach more people which will allow him a better chance of winning.

Sanders also feels like remaining an independent would be beneficial to him since he has always been an independent and that a lot of Americans are fed up with both the Democrats and the Republicans.

It seems that Sanders is leaning more towards running as a Democrat since he personally does not have the money to run as an independent and because he caucuses with the Democrats and counts as a Democrat for voting purposes.

Whatever Sanders decides, he is the ideal candidate to run for president.

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