JJC Vet Tech program to hold open house for pet adoptions

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, Mar. 14 at 9am-12pm, The JJC Veterinary Medical Technology Program will be hosting an open house for those interested in adopting pets or learning more about becoming a vet tech. The event will see a showcase of several furry friends in need of loving homes who are ready for adoption from caring partners.

Walking through the vet tech offices in the B-building, you can get a sense of how much the students care for these dogs and cats. The toys spread around the floor, cages around every corner and food laying in strategic places make it feel more like a comfortable home than a medical center.

Cats can be spotted lazily napping on desks while facility managers work, or even perched on student’s shoulders while they take tests. That’s right, vet tech classrooms allow some of these furry friends to roam around as they please.

All animals in the care of the vet tech program are rescued from high-kill shelters in Kentucky, and given to JJC by the TLC Animal Shelter in Homer Glen, IL.

Each semester, every student is assigned one animal to specifically care for by preforming such tasks as drawing blood and monitoring vitals. The student can even take said animal home with them.

Vet tech students not only get to play with and care for the animals in the facilities; they get first dibs on all adoptions. However, any cuddly critter not adopted at the end of the semester has to go back to the TLC shelter.

There will be 5 cats and 6 dogs ready for adoption at the open house (their pictures can be viewed below and on the next page). There will be a flat fee of fifty dollars for every animal. Any adoptees will be able to be picked up the first week in May.

The adoption process will not be as stringent as some shelters, but there will be a screening process. Prospective owners should bring household information with them such as: if you live in an apartment or a house (lease restrictions), household members (children, etc) and if there are any other pets in the home.

If you do have other pets it is asked that you bring them with to meet your future fur-ball, and see how they get along.

All animals in the program are micro-chipped, have proper vaccinations, are checked for heartworms and other illnesses, and monitored for behavioral issues.

To show how much of a turnaround these animals experience in the vet tech program’s care, Facility Manager Meghan Yucaitis highlighted the re-birth of the loveable Bruno.

Bruno clearly came from a rough past in Kentucky. “When we got him he was terrified” said Yucaitis. “He wouldn’t walk with a leash and he was just scared of everybody…he was afraid of his own shadow.”

After ten days, Bruno had a miraculous metamorphosis and quickly became a staff favorite. Yucaitis described Bruno currently as “outgoing, sweet, and loves to have his belly rubbed.”

“I love watching the transformation of these animals. It’s amazing to see what love, care and affection can do for them.” Yucaitis added.

For more information on the TLC animal shelter, you can visit their website at www.tlcanimalshelter.org. They are always accepting donations.

To read more about the JJC vet tech program and see some adorable pictures, “Like” their Facebook at www.facebook.com/JJCVettech.

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