Performance so great, it’s hypnotizing!

Fredrick Winters has been a hypnotist for over 25 years, going to hundreds of different universities, hypnotizing people and making them do crazy things like pretending to be a monkey or even thinking they’re 250 years old.

Winters made an appearance here at JJC on Wed., March 13, 2015.

The show started off with Winters pulling up participants to be “hypnotized”, having them sit in the front of the stage, captivating the audience with his fun sense of humor and people-friendly personality.

Winters is a certified hypnotherapist, helping people with insomnia, stress, and much more. Although stage work is completely different than that of actual hypnotherapy, the show was fun and entertaining.

As one of the people who was “hypnotized” I thought that Winters did a very good job making the audience believe we were hypnotized. Winters did not use the traditional “swaying clock” technique, but rather, direct suggestions to our subconscious.

He had us close our eyes and focus on his voice, whilst entertaining the audience by suggesting we “sleep” in funny positions. He then suggested to us that we were on a warm, sunny beach eating ice cream.

Although it was a relaxing thought, some participants were focusing more on the passing audience and the way they were perceived than actually being hypnotized. Perhaps the show should take place in a quieter environment next year so that the participants can focus.

However, one there was one aspect of the show where I felt extremely uncomfortable.

Winters had instructed hypnotized participants to dance like we were 250 years old. At one point, he then instructed us to smack our neighbor’s butts with our hands.

One might suggest that Winters maybe omit that part of his performance from now on. In my case, when Winters instructed us to smack our neighbor’s butts, a guy standing next to me smacked my butt about five times. I felt very uncomfortable, and I’m sure I was not alone in that feeling. So perhaps leaving out that scenario in his performance for next time would be a great idea.

Winters was a very good performer overall, captivating the audience with his comedic performance as well as the mystery of whether or not the participants were actually hypnotized. And that’s what makes him a great hypnotist.

We were so happy to have him join us at JJC this year and we hope to see him again next year.

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