JJC Gamers Club Looking For New Recruits

The JJC Gamers Club is coming back from a short hiatus and is looking for people to actively get involved.

The club is currently in the process of renewing its club charter with the Office of Student Activities (OSA). Once the charter is accepted, the club will embark on a quest to fill JJC with gaming events that will satisfy everyone from casual to hardcore gamers.

One past event that the club has organized, and will attempt to hold in the future, is the Cardboard Social.

The Cardboard Social is an event comprised of easy-to-learn board games that anyone can enjoy. The club will offer free popcorn as well to entice students in and keep them playing.

The club also hopes to host some competitive gaming events in which students can challenge each other over titles like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

The senior leadership of the Gamers Club-the members who organize the events-want JJC students to be aware that the club is an open and inviting environment, free from the traditional clichés of gaming.

“We don’t want to be seen as stereotypical gamers, just there to play video games,” said Abasi Kelley, Gamers Club vice president. “We want make it open toward everyone so we can have a friendly environment where everyone can come in and have fun.”

Gamers Club president Jefferson Cherrington stressed the importance of the club to JJC. He said the clubs significance stems from the need of students to relax in positive ways.

“There’s various ways to relax; some people sleep, some people eat, which is sometimes unhealthy, and some people can game,” Cherrington said. “A lot of people can connect through games.”

Paul Schroeder, club adviser, expanded on the clubs impact on JJC.

“We used to have lock-ins for students. The importance of those events to the community is that it gave kids a safe and secure, drug and alcohol free, place to go on a Saturday night,” Schroeder said.

“The games were the hook, but it was about giving the students somewhere safe to be. I had students stay in school just so they could come to our events,” Schroeder continued.

The club members emphasized that the Gamers Club events are open to anyone who wants to participate; the club is not only for a specific set of people.

“If you are a student, you are a member,” Schroeder said. “There isn’t a secret handshake. If you want to be involved you can be involved.”

The biggest theme with the Gamers Club is strong ties between the students and the school.

“The reason for the club’s existence is community. We want to build a stronger community at JJC,” Cherrington said. “We want students to come in, have fun, enjoy and relax; to allow people to come in and connect, that’s our purpose.”

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Editor at The Blazer at JJC

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