Emma’s Issues: This Democrat Chooses a Republican

Normally, I would never even consider writing something like this but I was presented with an intriguing question.

The question presented was, if I was unable to vote for a Democrat (it’s no secret that my views lean towards the Democratic side) and had to choose a Republican candidate to vote for who would I pick?

Of course I had absolutely no clue. If I had to pick? Well, certainly not Trump and all of the candidates I thought to be somewhat sane have either dropped out or intend to do so soon.

Then, I thought about all of the citizens out there who do identify with the Republicans for any number of reasons. Even these people must be astonished at the candidates that they need to choose from.

To answer this question, I thought it would be necessary to do some more research and not focus so much on what I disagree with, but things that make sense for people who do agree with Republican policies.

Whichever candidate holds the best views in relation to the Republican Party, seems presidential and sane would be the one I would pick, again, only if I had to.

So what exactly does the Republican Party believe in? Most believe in shrinking the government, cutting taxes, defending the second amendment, rich keeping their wealth, securing the borders and health care is to be decided by the people and their doctors.

These are just a few things. Obviously there are many more and depending on the candidate, their views differ.

I suppose I should talk about Donald Trump first just because he is the one who gets all the publicity and is apparently wining the heart of American Republicans, so there has to be some explanation as to why people vote Trump.

Most people support Trump basically because they are sick of our government. They want someone who is going to fight for them and protect us from the rest of the world in order to “make America great again.”

But what actual policies does Trump stand for besides being excellent at controlling the media?

Just a few things that stood out to me include: defunding planned parenthood, cutting the Department of Education, thinking climate change is a hoax, believing China is our enemy and wanting to negotiate with them, not letting Syrian Refugees in, shipping Mexicans out, wanting to get rid of SuperPacs, and believing in second amendment rights.

Okay, so when I look at the issues on the Donald Trump website compared to direct quotes the opinions change. Does Trump just say whatever he thinks will resonate with the American people?

I honestly do not think that I can vote for someone who is as pompous as Trump. I do not think that the next President of the United States should be someone who thinks it is okay to make fun of people, or make a joke about shooting someone and still keeping followers.

Next I would like to look at Marco Rubio. Rubio came in second in Super Tuesday and is following Trump. Many people Republicans do not resonate with him either.

Some issues that Rubio believes are: reforming Medicare and Social Security, expanding production of American made energy, repealing Obamacare, sending ground troops to defeat ISIS, reducing the amount of workers in Washington, secure the border and deporting illegal immigrants.

Next, Ted Cruz who wants to rebuild the military, he defends the second amendment, he has plans to build a wall to secure the border, increase deportation, refuse refugees, eliminate the IRS and 6 other departments in the Federal Government in order to shrink it and to introduce a flat tax plan.

The last candidate to discuss here is John Kasich, Governor from Ohio, who believes that schooling should be dealt with at a local level but colleges should be affordable. He wants to end Obamacare and replace it with something else, cut taxes, pay the national debt. Interesting to note that he thinks keeping immigrant families together is important and like all of the others defends the second amendment.

Now that I am a little more aware of exactly what the candidates stand for, these are just a few things that stood out to me, I can make a clear conscious decision about which one I believe would make the best President.

I personally would rather not have a President who is willing to debate over issues that do not actually matter to the American people. I would also like someone in power who has experience in politics.

All of the nominees have Republican views, although Donald Trump’s views seem to change which is causing tremendous controversy in the party.

I also do not agree very much with Rubio especially because he seems to be a very big instigator to Trump and his views seem a bit extreme for me.

In conclusion, if I absolutely had to choose a candidate I would pick John Kasich because his views are definitely in line with Republicans yet he seems reasonable and has experience.

I think this candidate realizes that things like deporting all illegal immigrants would be ridiculous. I think that he would be able to get things passed as President because he is not too extreme with his views.