2016 Nerf War is a resounding success

The JJC Student Government and the Criminal Justice Club co-sponsored the yearly Nerf War on Thursday, Oct. 13.

The Student Government’s signature and most popular event took place in the lower level of the J-building late Thursday morning.

Two teams faced off against each other in various rounds of bracket-style competition.

Each round consisted of a different type of game, which was chosen each round by a random spin of a wheel.

There was Team Deathmatch, wherein each team’s goal was to eliminate every member of the opposing team. Players are not allowed to “respawn” (a time-out a player must serve after being shot by an opposing player before being allowed to re-enter the game).

King of the Hill, wherein each team’s objective was to gain and maintain control of the hill (the center area of the war zone) at the end of the round.

Capture the Flag is where each team must capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their home base.

Another game was Search and Destroy, wherein each team’s objective was to destroy the other team’s base by activating a “bomb” and preventing the opposing team from disarming said bomb.

A final round was planned to determine a final winner of the Nerf War.

Unfortunately, nearing the end of the semi-final round, a student was injured, bringing the Nerf War to an abrupt end.

Multiple participants and friends of the student determined that he had somehow injured his right knee from a fall during the round.

An ambulance would later take him to a nearby hospital.

Although this year’s Nerf War came to an unfortunate end, students still managed to have plenty of fun.

Dozens of players turned out to participate. The event also attracted numerous spectators, who watched from either the sidelines or from the floor above.

When asked why the event has grown so popular, Student Government President Austin Stacy believes that much of it has to do with nostalgia for many participants.

“I think the event is so popular simply because it kind of brings back the childhood of being able to shoot the Nerf guns around,”

In regards to whether Student Government will continue to sponsor the event, Stacy believes that it will.

”It’s always super successful and we always have people willing to do it. We’ve never had a problem with not enough people wanting to do it, it’s always been a strong commitment.”


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