‘Masterminds’ plots well with laughs

“Masterminds” is a fun romp that strongly benefits from Zack Galifianakis’ odd and hilarious performance.

Based on the true events, Galifianakis plays an armored car driver who decides to steal money from the bank he works for with the help of his love interest, played by Kristen Wiig.

Double crosses follow after the robbery along with, FBI investigations and a moronic assassin played by Jason Sudeikis.

As the plot loosely follows the case to points of obscurity, it delivered jokes minute by minute.

Many of the humors serves well thanks to a great cast, however; the improv delivered is hit-or-miss at times.

Galifianakis delivers an endearing and simple persona with a consistent southern accent that will either annoy or entertain.

Several cast members that felt left out were much of Sudeikis’ moments, which were a high-point as he portrays a hitman who never seems to keep his job secretive.

Leslie Jones as one of the FBI investigators involved in the case was also barely there, which leads to another point of the film’s low points, conflict.

Audiences will get hilarious chase scenes involving piñatas, or a few explosions here or there, but it never reaches any sense of genuine understanding of the characters through a strong conflict.

Everything happens as it should, and everyone goes through the predictable motions.

“Pain and Gain” is definitely a great example of a stronger film that nailed different themes head-on, all while having ridiculous and false renditions of its true events.

Exaggeration and truth seem to go great together, and “Masterminds” is decent entertainment that will bring the laughs with zero consequences.