Battlefield 1 is victorious

It’s been three long years since the last decent Battlefield came out, which had left us all hungry for a new, explosive release.

“Battlefield 1” has absolutely blown me away. The beautiful visuals, incredible sounds and overall atmosphere have rendered me near speechless. It is clear that this was a work of love by the developer, DICE.

In a surprising, yet welcome change to the Battlefield formula, the campaign is actually enjoyable.

I found myself engaged and immersed in the multiple storylines detailing the different aspects of combat during World War I.

However, it kind of pulls me out of it whenever the in-game dialogue stops working and I’m stuck waiting for an objective that won’t appear unless I restart the game. That needs to be fixed.

Every single game of matchmaking has left an impression on me visually. Each explosion is terrifying, yet beautiful. The atmosphere itself is downright picturesque.

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve stopped in my tracks to stare and marvel at how gorgeous the scenery is. The amount of effort put into making every aspect of the game beautiful is evident in every moment.

The voice effects clearly took time and effort, and the voice acting feels natural and realistic, not to mention that each nation uses their native tongue.

Terror, anger and bravado are all conveyed effectively and bring me right there into the action each time I play. Few things give me in-game motivation like hearing the whistles and the collective roar from every teammate as you charge into battle in operations.

Running into battle is genuinely exciting and scary. Hearing screams ring out across empty fields or watching someone get bayonet charged while the enemy is screaming rabidly brings a twinge of fear into my heart every single time. Grimness of the entire situation is evident.

However, even though it looks and sounds like I imagine World War I did, I’m not certain it has captured the experience of it entirely.

Yes, the guns, vehicles and player models seem as if they’re from the era, but the way the game plays and the maps work makes it feel like World War II. The trenches serve almost zero purpose in most instances, tanks are incredibly fast and there are a massive amount of fully automatic weapons.

Altogether, it’s a very solid game. There is still more to be desired in the campaign, but it’s enjoyable and actually has a plot. The multiplayer is hectic as ever, but more beautiful and better sounding than any previous title.

I’ve already played around 30 hours in the short time I’ve owned it, and I plan on spending many more hours enjoying it. “Battlefield 1” is not perfect, but I definitely recommend it.