Salomon yearns for stardom

Acting is a profession that not everyone is willing to do for the rest of their life and, considering the chances, it may not appear practical.

“I hope to one day be a movie actor,” said Gabriel Salomon, a JJC student who just started his first acting class at the campus.

Salomon’s confidence and determination is not just talk. He has plenty of experience from his past performances in dozens of plays.

Attending Trinity Christian School, Salomon’s acting career began in fourth grade, where many students would be required to take part in their annual Christmas program every year.

“I always found them enjoyable when I did them,” said Salomon. “So I then decided to audition for the actual musicals that the school put on when I was in fifth grade.”

Since then, his love of the stage has only grown.

Acting also developed into a way of opening up Salomon’s life, gaining many friends as a result of performing in these plays and musicals. “[Acting] has, overall, made my life more fun,” said Salomon.

Acting to some is an art form, while to others is a way of becoming someone else. Salomon sees it as the latter.

“I just find it fun to be in someone else’s shoes and to be different people. You get to be someone you’re not and go all out doing so, and I love that,” he said.

After performing in many shows in his school, he continued his passion at Spotlight Youth Theater, a nonprofit theater arts program for people from ages five to 18.

“Into the Woods Jr.” would be his final performance at the program, having reached the age limit this year. Salomon played the character of the Prince and performed multiple days at the end of February at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.

Acting also requires methods, and Salomon has several ways of getting into character.

“I think about what my character wants and how he would get what he wants,” he said.

Although cherishing the memories of his time in the program, Salomon is already looking ahead in his career, checking out and researching future projects at JJC’s theater program, and attending Acting I classes this semester.

Salomon would prefer to be involved in action movies in the future, but is open to any kind of genre. Salomon feels he stands out from other actors in his commitment with a role.

“Whether it’s a lead or a background character, you will see me fully playing 100 percent.”