Spring Fling Photos: Murder Mystery Event at the JJC Bridge

A murder was committed at JJC. Well not a real one exactly.

Spring Fling, hosted by OSA, held an interactive event where students and faculty could participate in a ‘whodunnit’ mystery where groups would have to guess the culprit based on the evidence given.

Of course, several participants were also suspects, meaning the killer could be among them.

The game was led by members of the Mission Improvable comedy group, who left clues and laughs along the way.

Check out the photos below. All photos are by Leonna Toodle.

James Heany, a member of Mission Improvable, acts as one of the cops of the murder investigation.
Matt Gerard, a member of Mission Improvable, poses as one of the cops involved in the murder mystery.
Gerard speaks with JJC student, Sebastian Herrera.
(Left to Right) Students Vicky Nyder, Dakota Coffman and Joe Garcia are some of the suspects in the mystery, as they are questioned by the “cops.”