JC Players Banquet Bozzie nominations

A banquet will be held tonight for the JC Players in honor of their work in all the theatrical productions, as well as award several with an award known as the Bozzie.

Here are the Bozzie nominations, as well as the productions they were involved in:

2017 One-Act Bozzie Nominees

Outstanding Actor
Nick Pappas (Family 2.0)
Jeff Matson (The Philadelphia)
Nick Pappas (The Gangster Game)
Frankie Rosales (The Gangster Game)
Trent Zelko (A Midnight Clear)

Outstanding Actress
Grace Cooney (Family 2.0)
Elizabeth Cronin (Murder at Midnight)
Megan Coleman (Today’s Specials)
Kailey Norton (Unknown Part of the Ocean)

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Jake Busse (Family 2.0)
Eric Marshall (Family 2.0)
Angel Diaz (Pineapple Pizza Party!)
Trent Zelko (Pineapple Pizza Party!)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Megan Coleman (The Gangster Game)
Megan Coleman (Pineapple Pizza Party!)
Grace Cooney (Pineapple Pizza Party!)
Hope Taylor (Pineapple Pizza Party!)

Most Versatile Performer
Angel Diaz (Heart of Hearing, Murder at Midnight, Pineapple Pizza Party)
Nick Pappas (Family 2.0, Gangster Game)
Megan Coleman (Today’s Specials, Gangster Game, Pineapple Pizza Party)
Grace Cooney (Family 2.0, Pineapple Pizza Party)
Trent Zelko (Midnight Clear, Pineapple Pizza Party)


2016-2017 Bozzie Nominees

 Jordan Willner (Leon, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Cristian Moreno (Willie Wayne, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Paul Zavala (Arthur, Grandfather, Gordon, Harvey, The Dining Room)
Max Hillman (Claude, Hair)
Austin Cummings (Berger, Hair)

Melanie Morris (Marshael, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Hope Taylor (Collard, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Megan Coleman (Carolyn, Old Lady, Aunt Harriet, Emily, The Dining Room)
Melanie Morris (Sheila, Hair)
Elizabeth Cronin (Catherine, Proof)

Supporting Actor
Frankie Rosales (Brocker, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Trent Zelko (Woof, Hair)
Thomas Erhardt (Rayne/Margaret Mead, Hair)
Paul Zavala (Robert, Proof)
Jake Busse Proof)

Supporting Actress
Megan Coleman (Pixrose, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Trish Golec (Annie, Aggie, Peggy, Beth, The Dining Room)
Teri (Ashley) Lopez (Sally, Grace, Sandra, Nancy, Kate, The Dining Room)
Grace Cooney (Jeannie, Hair)
Elizabeth Cronin (Crissy, Hair)
Taylor O’Brien (Claire, Proof)

Ensemble Actor
Dakota Coffman (Nick, Ben, Chris, The Dining Room)
Cristian Moreno (Echo, Hair)
Josh Wilson (Paul, Hair)
Jake McGee (Pan, Hair)
Brandon Davidson (Moose, Hair)

Ensemble Actress
Kailey Norton (Dora, Birthday Party Child, Sarah, The Dining Room)
Courtney Hurdle (Ronny, Hair)
Teri (Ashley) Lopez (Suzannah, Hair)
Hope Taylor (Leata, Hair)
Kailey Norton (Daydream, Hair)

Most Versatile Performer 
Cristian Moreno (The Wake of Jamey Foster, Hair)
Melanie Morris (The Wake of Jamey Foster, Hair)
Elizabeth Cronin (The Wake of Jamey Foster, multiple roles in The Dining Room 
Hair, Proof)
Megan Coleman (The Wake of Jamey Foster, multiple roles in The Dining Room)
Trent Zelko (multiple roles in The Dining Room, Hair)

Stage Management
Austin Cummings (SM, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Paul Zavala (ASM, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Kate Stapp (ASM, The Dining Room)
Abigail Cash (SM, Hair)
Teri (Ashley) Lopez (SM, Proof)
Gage Frederiksen (ASM, Proof)

Lead Technician
Anna Marie Lustovin (Costume Coordinator, Hair)
Kate Stapp (Projectionist, Hair)
Kate Stapp (Production/Paint Design, Hair)
Jannice Barefield (Wig/Hair Design, Hair)
Teri (Ashley) Lopez (LBO/SBO, Proof)

Kate Stapp (Run Crew, The Wake of Jamey Foster)
Austin Wayne (Set Construction, Hair)
Abigail Cash (Lighting, Hair)
Jake McGee (Set Construction, Proof)
Eric Marshall (Sound, Proof)


Stay tuned today for the winners, and the reserved banquet will begin tonight at 5 p.m.