‘Injustice 2’ is an incredible package of power

NetherRealm struck gold with the first “Injustice,” which brought together fighters from a familiar property that included a different variation of the fighting system found in their “Mortal Kombat” games.

As a result, players will see how much this sequel has improved in terms of options, gameplay and accessibility.

Campaign is the only Kryptonite

Continuing from the last game, Superman and his regime of other heroes are stopped by Batman and his team, who must stop a larger threat that may force them to get all the help they can get.

When starting on the story mode, players will see why exactly this game’s development cycle was quite long: the visuals are fantastic.

Animations and movement integrate well into the cut scenes that translate into the fights almost seamlessly.

They also got rid of those pointless minigames from the last one, which lets players sit back and relax before the next fight.

With a five hour campaign, it is a relief that it is not any longer for all the wrong reasons.

For one, the story this time around seems a bit lacking. Each chapter has you controlling a character for a few fights, yet little insight is ever received other than a few quips or references to other DC properties.

Speaking of property, much of the style is more of a tell-not-show, meaning you will hear about a lot of flashbacks, but never actually participating in one, which is more confusing given that the game starts out with a flashback.

Much of the marketing for the game really was all talk, especially when Supergirl is hardly the main character, which has once again been given to Batman.

Some of the reveals are also fairly predictable, especially when the game literally tells you 20 minutes into the story.

Of course, this is probably justified considering that many of the cool developments and actual character development happened in the comic books made prior to the release of the game.

The only good that comes from playing the campaign is the bountiful rewards of gear pieces, in-game currency and experience to characters players may not have wanted to fight as.

However, there is no real reason to play again, especially since there are better offline game modes to choose from.

The rest soars like a bird

Whether just starting out or competitive, players have a lot going for them.

Tutorial and training modes have been overhauled once again. Players can learn more moves from individual character guides, while the AI can be set up in different situations for those looking to improve timing, defense or counters.

The brand new Multiverse mode also creates almost infinite opportunities and challenges for any player.

From this mode, players select an Earth from a multitude of other Earths that may have certain objectives and characters to fight in a series. These objectives may also come with modifiers, which range from lighting strikes during the battle, or health depleting.

Rewards include rare gear and other currency that can be used to purchase more options for favorite characters.

Personalization is the main significance that drives those to continue playing. Gear are pieces of equipment that can be given to any character to improve stats while also providing a different look for each hero/villain.

Although the RPG elements of the gear system are present, NetherRealm made sure to only let stat-boosting gear be used in certain modes, and disabling their impact in online Ranked modes or other competitive play.

Gear can also be found in loot boxes that range from bronze to gold. These can be purchased through the in-game currency, but of course also can be received via micro transactions.   

Although a disappointment that one can expand their chances of rare finds through actual money while another slaves away for the loot, it is clear that the company made sure to make it fair and not impact overall gameplay.

Gameplay is also more satisfying, with several options of attack and defense available and a bit more emphasis on speed that allows for more intense battles.

All this talk of improvement and expansion is what makes this game go from good to great, and NetherRealm truly delivers to all players and DC fans alike.