‘The House’ takes all bets, but folds

This raunchy comedy puts typical household family into ridiculous situation that may or may not be solved in a rushed conclusion.

Will Ferrel does all the whacky screaming and panicking material while Amy Poehler is another version of Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation.”

The rest of this production does not really matter, and much of the laughs comes from the improvised material and script.

Oh yeah, Hawkeye shows up too, which was cute.

If readers are already saying this review is too cynical, then let me clear: This movie had potential to be more than another summer comedy with Ferrel’s face.

Ferrel is a great actor when he’s doing work in smaller films, and Poehler will always be funny.

When audiences see them doing their easy work, of course it’s still going to be funny, but the rest of the obvious plot threads and underwritten characters are just sitting there.

Sure, go see the movie for summer fun, but just notice how another film like this will probably be coming out in the next few months.