‘The Emoji Movie’ projects laziness

Nothing really positive can be said about “The Emoji Movie” because it is just boring.

When films like “Inside Out” create some competent characterizations of one-note emotions, we get symbols on a phone that act as their entire personality.

As harmless as the movie is with children, this is all basic advertising that goes nowhere.

Why is the most consumed media really getting its own movie? Most of the human race is already invested half their time on a phone, why should viewers be invested in a film about them?

Constant puns on poop get pumped out so fast that it just screams pandering to five-year-olds.

A story where one is expected to learn or gain any value on a small symbol was already a hard sell, yet as every character bumble their way from point a to point b, everything about it is dull.

When the journey is as predictable and taxing as the end, a film has failed.

If someone enjoys “The Emoji Movie” for what it is, then good on them, but seeing it without a child or friends feels like a form of torture found in the “Saw” films.