Photos from the 9/11 Memorial at JJC

Here are a few pictures from JJC’s 2017 9/11 Memorial below.

Patriot Guard Motorcycle Club’s rides parked along the main building lot after the ceremony.
Police officers and other emergency workers take the time to look at those who had died in service during the events of 9/11.
(Left to right) JJC Police Officer Randall Graves and Commander Melvin Cornelius stood tall behind the flag they raised during the ceremony.
Members of the Will County Sheriff’s Rifle Squad performing their march during the ceremony.
The American flag that was raised at the ceremony.
JJCfaculty making preparations on audio and other accommodations prior to the ceremony.
(Gray) JJC President Judy Mitchell after the end of the ceremony, accompanied by others.
Refreshments and snacks were served at the JJC Main Cafeteria after the ceremony while a documentary on 9/11 was projected on the other side.

Also check out our latest video on our coverage of the ceremony below: