JJC to perform Tony-winning ‘Spamalot’

This year JJC is performing Spamalot for the first time.

The play, originally a book by Eric Idle, was later developed into a musical that won a Tony in 2005 for Best Musical.

Many people in and outside of the theatre department are excited to see this Monty Python parody come to life at JJC.

Clay Kirkland, the director of JJC’s production of the show said, “I don’t think there’s any one demographic that it appeals to. It is a show that I think has a lot of appeal to younger audiences. I think it appeals to a wide age range. It is British humor and that tends to be a little sort of silly and over the top by American standards, but it does work for American audiences.”

Kirkland has been preparing for this particular show since before the Fall 2017 semester even began. Auditions for the show were held in December and the actors started rehearsals a week before the Spring 2018 semester.

 Kirkland mentions the design team, which had also begun preparations in fall.

When asked what his favorite part of directing this show was, Kirkland said “it’s just so much fun. We have so much fun at rehearsals, it’s just such an enjoyable show for me.”

The show is loosely based on the 1975 film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Though Kirkland admits he isn’t a big fan of the movie, he feels that Spamalot takes only the best parts of the movie and makes it into an amazing musical.

“The songs are fun, I leave the show with an earworm everytime, with a song I just can’t get out of my head,” he said.

He believes that this show really brings out the talents of the set designers, the actors and everyone else involved.

“This is going to be a production that I think JJC Theatre can really be proud of,” he said.

This show is a popular one and it’s recommended that tickets get purchased early because there is a high likelihood of it selling out.

So, get your tickets and get ready to have 150 minutes of fun.