Upcoming events: 1st edition

Our weekly updates for the next week start today!

The JJC Blazer presents a list of upcoming events for the following week to keep students up-to-date digitally. 

Aug. 29: there will be the annual First Year Student Lunch Bunch, where first-year students will have the opportunity to meet and greet JJC staff. This is from 11am-1pm located in A-1002.

Aug. 30: the annual Veteran Student Lunch Bunch will take place where veteran students are welcome to come and meet and greet JJC staff as well. This is from 11am-1pm in C-1039. Student Government will have its’ second meeting from 3-4pm in A-1002. 

Pam Dilday, Director of Student Activities, says that it’s vital that students attend Student Government if they want their voice to be heard.

“We’re always looking for students to join and be part of that voice, and to make sure that the voices of the students are heard by administration. You guys are the reason we’re here. So we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make your experiences as positive as possible.” 

Dilday also wants students to be aware that there is a new calendar available on Canvas to students. Students can either use the link provided, or they can use a QR code provided on multiple posters that are posted around the school or on the monthly calendars from OSA. There are no other ways to join the calendar.

After students click the link, in your Canvas calendar, you will see all events that OSA has posted for students convenience. 

Click Canvas Calendar for the link.

If new students (or even veteran students) have not stopped at the Photo ID Department in A-1105, make sure you get your student ID! 



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