Humans of JJC

Based off of the popular Tumblr photoblog, Humans of New York, this is Humans of JJC: 15,000+ people, 15,000+ stories.

Zach Florek – majoring in business


“The most influential person in my life thus far would have to be my mom. She has pretty much been one of the only people constantly in my life and she has taught me to be who I am today. Being a science teacher, she led me down a path of science as a kid and I have a great respect for the subject, even though I’m now going for business. That is probably where my deep love of weather comes from. On top of that, she was always on top of my studies and always knew that I could strive for better. So, when in my first semester at JJC my grades were not up to par, she got on me to try harder. It eventually paid off, as by the time I graduated my GPA was well above that first semester mark. On top of that, she cares deeply for me and really wants to see me become successful and I truly appreciate that.”


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