Blazer introduces new podcast: ‘Blazecast’

The JJC Blazer has just added an audio-centric way to stay up to date with student news. Students who visit will now be met with an up-to-date web page, but also a student-run variety podcast called the “Blazecast.”  

This is a new medium being introduced to the weekly circuit of content the Blazer produces in an aim to serve students by providing them with a forum for discussion, entertainment, and a way to get a club message out to the public at large.

If a student is a leader or active member of a club at JJC, they are encouraged to email the office at to discuss spreading word for an upcoming event or discussing an issue of interest.

The ‘cast is one episode in and debuted on Sept. 9. This episode was hosted by Sean O’Dell, Co-Editor, and featured the new energetic members of the Blazer news team, who discussed a variety of important topics; from opinions concerning classic martial arts movies, to their professional attitudes within journalism.

The Blazer aims to provide factual and up to date information, but simultaneously express student opinions with accuracy. The purpose of this podcast is to fulfill both of these needs with veracity.

Each episode can be found on the website once it is uploaded. Published episodes will go up every Friday, and episodes are recorded every Wednesday afternoon, hosted by the Blazer’s editorial staff.

As the semester progresses, the “Blazecast” will evolve. We encourage listeners to watch for improvements as time passes, with each episode presenting an engaged and authentic learning opportunity for both the hosts and the listeners.