Women’s soccer breaks top 10 in the nation

The JJC Lady Wolves soccer team have become a threat in the college soccer world this season as they defeat the competition day in and day out.

The team is currently on a six game winning streak and climbing the leaderboards as they do it.

JJC Lady Wolves are currently ranked ninth in the nation in Division III sports which was last updated on Sept. 11, 2018. According to the NCJAA Division III women’s soccer roster.

The statistics did not include the win they received on the Sept. 10 after crushing Triton College in a match ending with the score 8-0.

In addition, JJC is highly ranked nationally in specific categories in soccer as well. Here are just a few examples: first in assists, fourth in goals scored, and third in shots taken on target.

The Lady Wolves have made their presence known, even on a grand platform. They’re on a roll and show no signs of slowing down soon.

“They had a good season last year and a lot of the players from last year have returned,” said NCJAA Hall Of Fame baseball coach and JJC sports director Wayne L. King Jr. as he watched on the sidelines in the shade “With a lot of talent coming back we should have a good season.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

With a home record of 3-0 and an away record of 3-1, opposition can expect problems wherever the Wolves pull up to.

Not only is the team making national leaderboards as a unit, some players are making a national spotlight as well.

Sophomore Miranda Nirchi is currently ranked at number eight for goals with 13 goals scored and ranked 10 in shots taken with 39 taken in the short season.

Sophomore Lindsey Bond is ranked 10 in the assist category with eight assisted this season, showing true sportsmanship and unselfishness to help the team get on top.

The Lady Wolves have elite players in their arsenals that create opportunity for not only themselves, but for their teammates as well.

“It’s always a great feeling to score. You’re taking part in your team,” said Nirchi with a cheek to cheek smile. “It’s not even the goal: it’s the soccer behind it.”

The Lady Wolves are not afraid to show confidence and trust in their teammates. The ball movement and chemistry in this team is what makes them a well, oiled machine.

The team shows pride in their craft as they are consistently bringing the best out of each other to accomplish a common goal. Winning. And having fun while doing it.

This team is something special. The Lady Wolves will put on show and are a force to be reckoned with.

They’re here and hungry.