Women’s soccer defeats Rock Valley

On Sept. 19, Lady Wolves earned another win against Rock Valley College with the final score of 5-1, giving the Wolves a season record of seven wins and two losses.

The team came onto the pitch hungry and ready to win after an extremely tough battle against an undefeated Madison college team, where the Wolves fell short in overtime to lose by only one point.

“It’s good to be winning all the games. I mean, we have our downsides but we learn from it and we come to practice and we work on all these things and hopefully we bring it all into the next game,” said sophomore Miranda Nirchi after reflecting on last weeks lost.

With disciplinary mindsets on improving on strengths and weaknesses, the team knew they had to redeem themselves and wouldn’t be satisfied with less.

As soon as the game started the pressure was on.

The Wolves immediately shifted into attack mode to come out in top early, giving Rock Valley no opportunity to set up defensively or offensively.

Nirchi helped get the early advantage for the Lady Wolves as she was able to score not one but two back-to-back goals in the first half. In addition to Nirchi’s goals, freshmen Jasmine Urbanek finished the first half on a good note after scoring at the 45 minute mark.

The Wolves had no intentions on showing their competition mercy in the second half.

20 minutes into the half, freshmen Yesenia Hernandez put in her first goal of the season. Taylor Metcalf put the team at goal number five only two minutes later.

Lindsey Bond received two assists. Stephany Esquivel, Morgan Samp, and Elizabeth Mena all received one assist.

The game finished with the final score of 5-1 as the ladies beat Rock Valley, giving them their sixth loss of the season.

They look to go against College of Dupage at home on Wed., Sept. 26 and bring home another win.