Super Mario Party touches on its roots and originality

“Mario Party” takes it back to its original form in the new “Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch”.

“Super Mario” brings forward five main game modes with a ton of minigames and other activities to play in. The main five modes include “Mario Party”, “Partner Party”, “River Survival”, “Sound Stage”, and “Minigames.”

“Mario Party” is your normal linear “Mario Party Mode,” with there being a linear game board where players are all pursuing stars that appear at spaces on the board.

“Partner Party” is a team party where the board becomes a grid instead of the usual linear track and free movement between the teammates.

“River Survival” is a four-player cooperative mode which blends a game of rafting down rapids in a jungle with playing minigames to extend the timer that is ticking down.

“Sound Stage” comprises a bunch of small and fast minigames that all have something to do with rhythm. “Minigames” has little mini game competitions as well as a free play mode to let players try out their favorite minigames. In previous Mario Party’s there have been little side modes, but these never amounted to anything good.

Every game mode in “Super Mario Party” is very fun, innovative, and challenging to both new and old players. Along with new games comes new characters. Not only can you play as the usual “Mario” characters, but now you can even play as Bowser, Shy Guy, Goomba, and many other villains in “Mario”.

What makes all these characters being included better is the addition of character dice that are utilized in the party modes. Every player gets access to their normal dice block between one and six, but the character dice block will have a different assortment of numbers. For example, Mario’s character block will have a one, three threes, and two fives for his block. Others are more high-risk, high-reward, like Bowser’s where the dice has a lot of high numbers, but also a one and even sides that take away coins and don’t let you move at all.

You can also land on ally spaces and other things to get allies. Allies will be random characters that will lend you their character block and even roll a small block of their own to bump up your moves. These allies also affect some minigames.

One minigame that involved allies was a minigame that was like a hot potato of sorts. The more allies a player had meant the more chances they had of winning. I was disappointed that the maximum amount of turns for the party modes was only 20 instead of the traditional 50, but the turns did seem like they took a longer time to go through.

Also, if you were hoping to play with your friends online, don’t even bother. The only online game mode is a cup of preselected minigames and not even a party mode.

However, if you haven’t picked up a copy or given it a try yet, do it. Super Mario Party succeeds in delivering that wonderful, friendship ruining experience that everyone has come to love.