Volleyball team pulls win against South Suburban

JJC’s ladies volleyball team dominates over South Suburban College with the final score of 3-0 (26-24, 25-14, 25-16) on Oct. 18.

With a slight disadvantage due to injuries and scheduling, the dedicated but limited team had no difficulties holding up against the numerous weapons in south Suburbans arsenal.

Fortunately, the ladies were able to hold their ground, fight, and finish on top.

In the first set, both teams were at each other’s throats constantly battling back and forth trying to grasp the lead over one another.  Both teams gave it their all.

Suburban college was able to get a lead and was only two points away from clenching the first win of the night.

With the score of 23-20, South Suburban could taste victory. But the wolves were craving the win. The Wolves went onto going on a 6-1 run and defeated their opponents 26-24.

“This is our first game with six players,” says freshmen Taylor Van Duyne. “I’ve personally never played back row, or served a volleyball in my life. So, I think after winning that game being so close our adrenalin really went up from there and it was really excited to see we can do things we’ve never done.”

The lady wolves exceeded expectations regardless of the disadvantage and went on winning the next two sets with flying colors.

The second set resulted in 25-14 and concluding the match in the third set with the score 25-16.

“They’re a remarkable group,” said Coach Brown. “When they’re on a streak and play the way they did in those second and third sets for extended periods of time, they can compete with a lot of teams.”

Shea Kieldyk was an unstoppable threat in front of the net offensively and defensively. She was able to earn herself eight kills, three digs, and two blocks.

Isabella Cosentino had six kills and was a helping hand with 30 assists setting up her team for success. She also made a huge impact in defensively with 11 digs and one block.

Cuay Whitener obtained six kills as well and dominates the floor with an outstanding 20 digs, keeping the ladies in front for the whole match.

Update: The Wolves unfortunately fell to Rock Valley at the Region IV Tournament in Palatine, IL 0-3 as their last game. Besides this, they have had a terrific season (21-14) by defeating nationally ranked Rock Valley and earning their own national spots in the rankings twice.