Don’t get blinded by the lies

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) is a federal agency that conducts health promotion and prevention, but most importantly, they direct the United States’ emergency plans. The CDC is prepared and equipped to handle thousands of disasters.

On their website, they have lists of every situation they have planned for. From AIDS to the Zika virus, the CDC has a step by step plan that describes how to handle a massive outbreak. They even have an emergency plan for the zombie apocalypse.

However, the CDC is alarmingly unprepared for the most dangerous threat to the human race as a whole: shapeshifting reptilian people. They are merciless gods here to wreak havoc on our society.  Do not bother trying to run, they are already here.

        According to conspiracy researcher, David Icke, shapeshifting reptilians from an alien race control our entire world. Icke claims that there are alternate realities that are layered upon our own. Each reality runs on a different frequency, much like radio stations. Sometimes, these realities can overlap, the same way radio stations sometimes interfere with one another. Icke claims that the reptilian shapeshifters have found a way to control this interference, thus resulting in their ability to jump into different realities. Including our own.

        The reptilian shapeshifters have been entering our reality for thousands of years. When they first appeared, they were worshipped as gods. This is why many ancient civilizations worshiped non-human deities. Icke claims that these reptilian shapeshifters bred with ancient leaders and created a hybrid race destined to rule.

This is supported by the fact that in many aristocratic societies, citizens believed that their kings or pharaohs were given the ability to rule by the gods, or in some cases, were gods themselves. For example, ancient Chinese people believed their emperors were descendants from serpent gods. Icke also believes that the of inbreeding in royal families was the result of ancients trying to pass the reptilian gene to the next generation.

        The integration of reptilian people in government, unfortunately, does not stop with kings and emperors. William Tompkins, an American Republican party politician who served as the U.S. Attorney from New Jersey, claims that the U.S. government is run by non-human entities.

In 2015, Tompkins wrote a book that describes how he was sanctioned in 1942 into a top-secret intelligence operation at the naval base in San Diego where his role was to interact with aliens. In his book, Tompkins produces pictures and documents that support his claims that world governments are controlled by an alien race. For more information, read Tompkins’ book, “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My Life in the Top-secret World of UFOs., Think-tanks, and Nordic Secretaries.”

        Not only do these alien creatures dominate our governments, but Icke believes that they have also found ways to control our minds through a massive satellite in Earth’s orbit cleverly disguised as the moon. New intelligence by Icke informs the public that reptilian shapeshifters have made the moon into a satellite designed to project transmissions that manipulate our thoughts and feelings. The moon is now the base operations for these reptilian shapeshifters who look down on earth like angry gods observing their servants. Our precious moon is now the alien’s death star.

        Icke has over 60 million followers worldwide, but he claims that 60 million is not nearly enough. In order to break the chains that bind humanity to the will of alien tyrants, humans need to band together. Icke urges people to spread his truth and convince fellow human beings to join his cause. Only united, can humanity overthrow the reptilian overlords.

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