‘Black ops 4’ has tech issues still a fun experience for players

“Call of Duty” is back with another installment in the series. After less than stellar feedback from “Infinite Warfare” and “World War 2,” “Black Ops 4” brings an interesting combination of new and old elements to its gameplay.

For the first time, “Call of Duty” has omitted having a sort of story mode. This is usually a staple of the series with having a decent sort single player mode that the player could play offline.

With games moving more and more to being completely online, this wouldn’t come as a surprise that the developers moved more of their assets towards more of the online games. The irony in all of this is that as of the first few weeks of the game being released, the servers have been running at a terrible speed, causing many people to experience lag and other issues when trying to play online.

For most, this can even be enough to stop playing, and with almost all of the gameplay coming from online services, and “Black Ops 4” doesn’t give the player much freedom if they want to play offline.

The gameplay itself, however, is great. The new battle royale mode called Blackout is a great edition to the game. It very much has the feel of a game like “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,” but much more polished. For people who like battle royales, this game mode is great. Multiplayer has some interesting elements.

Multiplayer includes the usual modes of gameplay, but with some more tactical pieces. If a player takes damage, they have to use a healing syringe to heal. This gives the player the dilemma of either pushing forward at the risk of dying since they have lower health or being more defensive and healing.

The player also has 150 health compared to the usual health in order to increase the time to kill. This does not mesh well with the “Call of Duty” style and feels like more ammo is being wasted trying to kill just one player.

This could refer back to the fact that the servers are being throttled, but it feels like it takes a lot of hits to take out an enemy. Simple modes like Team Deathmatch are a lot more frustrating to play because of this. Overall, the multiplayer can still be better if the developers continue to do some tweaks and fix the servers.

Zombies is currently at its best in “Black Ops 4.” Off the bat there are three maps and a fourth if you have preordered the game. The game play is the usual and simple zombies, but with a lot of different twists.

Players can now pick what four perks they can get in the game instead of whatever shows up on the map. This being a really unique experience, the team can use these different perks to form different play styles.

There are also custom matches where players can make it as easy or as hard as they want and have a blast. Zombies caters to both the hardcore and casual players who want to enjoy zombies.

Overall, “Black Ops 4” brings a lot to the table that makes “Call of Duty” a fun experience again. I would recommend getting this game when it goes on sale for Black Friday. By then, most of the server issues should be fixed and multiplayer should be a lot more balanced.