‘Halloween’ late sequel lives up to the name

Michael Myers returns again, and what a time for it as we are in the Halloween mood.

This installment is different from the countless other ones. This is a direct sequel to the original Halloween that was released 40 years ago. So anything between then and now in this franchise no longer exists.
For some fans that may hurt a little; for others it may be a blessing.
With this in mind, we launch into this story as we find that Michael has been locked up all these years and has not spoken since.

Two podcasters decide to visit Michael for a piece, bringing his notorious mask with them (because that is such a great idea). Eventually, he breaks out after his bus transfer goes wrong and kills the two podcasters – which is what happens when you take the guys mask.

Michael then proceeds to head back to Haddonfield to kill the girl that escaped him 40 years ago, Laurie Strode. Ever since the events of Halloween night, Laurie has been a nervous wreck prepping her house in an almost nuclear blast type of way awaiting the day that Michael finally comes home.  This has caused a bit of a rift towards Laurie and her daughter, Karen, who views her mother as crazy for preparing their house so much.

Anyone who has heard of Michael Myers knows that he kills people in a rather entertaining way, and this film, as you may guess, is no different. The kills throughout this movie (don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you) are great in that they build tension throughout the movie.

Some of the kills are not even seen on-screen, while others are not quite as gory as you would think in a film like this. Don’t worry for you gore fans, the later part of the film will be pretty satisfying.  There is a really great sequence that kicks off Michaels killing spree.

Now for the big question: is this film a worthy sequel to the original film? I think most people would agree that this is the best Halloween movie since the original.

That really is not saying much as there has not been any amazing breakthroughs since the original. It does a good job of making constant references to the original, which was nice for Halloween fans.  These references are not just in dialogue but also in camera work as we see Michael go about his work from outside homes as he is seen in windows.

The ending is not quite as well done as you would expect, but again, no spoilers.  In terms of a films in of itself it is exactly what you would expect in a slasher-horror type of movie.

However, considering the magnitude of this movie considering it is the “actual” sequel to what some may consider a masterpiece in the horror genre, it had big shoes to fill. For Halloween fans, it was a welcome form of nostalgia, bringing fans back to the thrills of this franchise the first time they saw it back in the 1970’s with a modern twist on it.

Jamie Lee Curtis does a good job of reprising her role as she plays a broken down version of Laurie who still suffers mentally from her encounter with Michael. So with all this in mind I would recommend this movie if you enjoy the Halloween movie or just the horror genre as it does a good job of recapturing the glory of the original.