Event to host speakers for aspiring filmmakers

JJC’s Wolfpack Productions Video Club will be collaborating with the CIOS department and Joliet’s production company Road 2 Eternity to host a “Face to Face with the Media Industry” event on Nov. 15 in the U-auditorium from 4:15 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The event will sponsor several keynote speakers who have firsthand experience in the media industry, such as producers, writers, directors, editors, engineers, and other job positions involved in film and video-making.

“These are the people that will tell you it’s possible [to work and grow in this industry],” says producer Sheila White, who works at Road 2 Eternity, which has helped many aspiring filmmakers in the area gain experience through their internship program. “There are so many opportunities in the Chicagoland area [that most people don’t know about].”

Through this seminar, White and Wolfpack adviser Shelly LaFevers hope to inform students about the many possibilities that the local community has for aspiring filmmakers.

This event is open to all JJC students and digital media students in the community, including high school students.

Several members of Road 2 Eternity, including President and former Wolfpack member Michael White, director and producer Gerald Hall, Chief Engineer T.C. Hill, director, producer, and writer Cortez Mack, behind-the-scenes expert Lawrence Johnson, and many other executives working in the media industry plan to attend and give students a “bird’s eye view” of what their careers are like and give students a peek at a normal day in their profession.

After each speech, there will be a Q&A for students to ask questions and be able to get to know professionals that not only will give them a firsthand look at their individual jobs but also give them opportunities to get started in the business.

“There is a lot to learn, so we’re bringing [the industry experience] to our hometown of Joliet,” Sheila White continues. “It’s so exciting… and this is the type of conference where [students will] be able to discover the power within themselves.”