Taking back comedy one laugh at a time

About three years ago, JJC lost a beloved club: the JJC Comedy Club. However, local stand-up comedian, Ryan Rimpson, is on a quest to reinstate the club and bring comedy back to JJC.

A comedy club at JJC would incredibly important to students starting comedy. At club meetings, students will be encouraged to share their materials and fellow club members could give critiques and throw around ideas to each other. At the end of each month, the comedy club will host a show that will display the local talent and make audience members laugh.

“Comedy is part of every culture, and it would be awesome to get this club started and spread laughter through JJC,” Rimpson says. “If you tickle somebody’s soul the right way, I’m sure they’ll laugh.”

Rimpson encourages student comedians to reach out to him through social media to get more information. He also urges students to sign his petition to start the club.

“I believe if I could get a hundred signatures on a piece of paper it would mean that a hundred people still believe in laughter, and the way society is – we really, really need laughter. Even if you don’t join the club, it would mean that you still support comedy at JJC.”

So please be sure to reach out to Ryan Rimpson on Facebook if you like the idea of a comedy club here at JJC!

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