Blazer takes a reflective perspective

Many students struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts. JJC professor of psychology, Jamey DiVietro, has seen it time and again. With stats like “one person commits suicide every 12 minutes,” it is important to reflect on the positives.

This issue, the Blazer reflects on some stories to be thankful for.

First up, the JJC Horticulture gets some honey through a $1 thousand grant for saving the bee population around campus. The new habitat plans will be seen unfolding in the JJC landlab, just west of the greenhouse, visible for many students as they make their way onto campus.

Students who attend the student government meetings would give thanks for the student-centric goals laid out by JJC’s administrative staff, like the dean of student enrollment. According to administration, every student should have a realistic aim to graduate on time.

JJC, being a larger community college, has many resources at the disposal of the students, from counseling services to one on one class planning. This aim is nothing short of realistic. Now that’s something to take notice of.

And speaking of enrollment, some 1,000 new students will come next semester. In addition to the 3,000 new enrollments this past fall, this influx will certainly bring new life to many student clubs and programs on the campus.

The idea that so many new faces will be walking the halls of JJC, with new ideas and perspectives to go around, is something worth placing gratitude on for sure. As many JJC readers may reflect, it was not long ago that the first day jitters were their own to bear.

Walk through any hallway on campus and be grateful for the amount of people to go around. Thanks can be had in taking time to sit down with students and sparking up an interesting political discussion, or talk about religious studies. Or perhaps settle for talking about the weather; no matter what, a student will find engaged, meaningful opinions from JJC constituents.

Of the students here on campus already, so many are engaged in the JJC culture that occurs outside of the classroom. From 364 people turning out for the annual Haunted 5K, to the 1500 or so attendees of the Trunk or Treat event, JJC shows up when called to action. The involvement is always a site to see, no matter the task or the treats.

When reflecting, JJC has a lot going on to be grateful for. When the weather starts to change and the days get shorter, taking time to appreciate the present for what it is tends to be the best move to make.

The Blazer editors would like to say thanks to all of our staff writers and copy editors as well, for their committed and creative coverage of our community college campus. Our writers have covered it all, from suicide awareness to a review of student-popular video games and albums.

Picking up this issue of the Blazer should spark just as much thanks as anything else. Take the time to realize the good.

Readers should take to the web to visit the Blazer website, to listen to the latest episode of the Blazecast. On the podcast the Blazer received a call from a congressional candidate for Illinois’ 14 district to discuss key topics of interest in this year’s political race. From education to healthcare coverage, Lauren Underwood has a stance on the matter, aimed to make a difference.