Lady Wolves rolling; record goes to 7-1 after winning streak

This season, Joliet Junior College’s Lady Wolves are bringing the heat with a major winning streak for the past few games being 7-1.

The Lady Wolves are currently averaging 74.6 points a game, along with 15 assists and 49 rebounds per game.

Recently, they played versus Morton College and managed to come ahead with a score of 92-81 at the Event Center at JJC. They have now won five games in a row. Madison Harris lead the team in points with a record-high of 17 while Dasia Norris lead in rebounds with 11.

In another one of their recent games versus Kankakee Community College, they took home the victory with a final score of 62-52 on the homecourt.

This win, however, was not only a great contributor to the team’s seasonal record but it was a huge milestone victory for the women’s basketball program.

“This is my 11th year as the coach, and that is the first time we have beaten Kankakee,” JJC womens basketball coach Shaun Sanderson said proudly. “I know it didn’t happen in the previous 14 years before me, so tonight is a big win for our program.”

JJC started the game off strong due to a quick 12-0 run in the first quarter. Unfortunately, Kankakee was able to catch up by the end of the quarter with the score at 13-10. Luckily, the Wolves had the advantage going into the second quarter.

With only minutes left until half-time, the Wolves extended the lead to 22-10. Both teams showed their talents in the first half with baskets being scored on both ends of the court.

At half-time, the score was 34-24 with Joliet on top, a result of the presence of Joliet West graduate Kierra Tyler with 12 points, four assists, and three steals, and Bolingbrook’s Talia Edwards who finished the game with 14 points and a whopping 21 rebounds!

“The easiest thing to do is work hard,” Edwards said. “I knew tonight without Emily [Atsinger] in the lineup I would have to try and pick up the slack scoring… we take one game at a time, and we must build off each game. I’m happy with the win, but know it’s on to the next game.”

JJC was able to keep the Kankakee Cavaliers subdued for the remainder of the game and took home the victory. With multiple players contributing offensively and defensively, victory was the only possibility.

Edwards not only had a good game, but she is having an exceptional sophomore season as well.

After the end of the postseason last year, Edwards was selected to participate in the NJCAA All-Star game. She is averaging 8.9 rebounds per game, 11.6 points per game, 10 assists for the season and 11 steals.

This year, surrounded by strong teammates, she’s ready to dominate.

At their recent game against Olive-Harvey college, they continued their rampage and came out with a score of 95-32. Kike Oje lead the team with seven out of 45 rebounds. Amil Mitchell went on to score 21 points while Tyler and Maiya Creal both lead the team with five assists.

The team looks to improve and prepare themselves for the rest of the season by focusing on their defense, but overall just working as a team.

Photo by Nicole Bertic.

Maya Creal drives hard to get around the opponent.

Photo by Nicole Bertic.
Amil Mitchell dribbles while surveying her options.
Photo by Nicole Bertic.
Emily Atsinger brings the ball up the court.