Question of the Issue: How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into your everyday life?

Kathleen Kallan: “Recycling is supposed to be the last step, after reusing. Instead, many companies have prioritized simply using. Enticing consumers with their recyclable containers, instead of often even offering the option to reuse them.”

Emily LaParry: “Carpooling to school, using reusable cups/water bottles, taking notes electronically as opposed to on paper, and recycling/buying recycled products.”

Stefany Moreno: I usually go around turning off the lights. I don’t take long showers, I set a timer. I use reusable containers. I don’t use plastic. If we use disposable plates, we use paper plates. I compost. I pick up litter if I see any lying around. I use electronic reminders instead of paper. If it’s a quick note, I write it on my hand. I carry reusable bags in my car. I don’t buy books, I get them from the library.