Career Services seeks out student workers

According to Katie Bond in JJC’s Career Services Department, the Career Services Department is often considered JJC’s “best kept secret.” “But the problem is, we don’t want it to be a secret,” Bond says.

On Oct. 7, Bond began her new role at JJC as Student Employment Specialist. This is an entirely new position that has been created this year because of the job’s high demands. Bond is currently working towards recruiting more student employees.

“We are looking for JJC students that have at least 6 credit hours a semester and a 2.0 GPA,” says Bond. There are some positions, like the HR Assistant job, that require a 3.0 GPA, but most positions only require 2.0.

There are numerous jobs that need to be filled. Jobs include Food Services Worker, HR Assistant, Biology Lab Assistant, Groundskeeper, Vet Tech Employee, a Communication/External Relations Intern, and more.

Bond states, “This is the first time that HR has ever had a student employee in their department and we are so excited about being able to provide this opportunity to our students.”

On-campus jobs are very important to students because not only is it a source of extra income, but these jobs also double as real-world experience.

Bridgett Larkin-Beene, Director of Career Services, states, “With student employee jobs, their first job here is always to be a student.” For this reason, work schedules are very flexible and hours are limited by 20 a week.

Larkin-Beene says that these jobs serve as great resume builders. They also provide networking connections to students that are just initiating their careers, which can help them significantly later on.

The school also benefits from student employees because these employees teach them the student perspective. “We are mentoring the students in a lot of ways, but we learn a lot from them as well,” says Larkin-Beene.

According to Bond, this was most recently proven with a new student worker in Career Services during his training. He recommended doing the employee survey evaluations online using Google forms. This change is currently in the works.

Advances like these help the school to further improve. It is also a way for students to share their voice with the school.

Bond states that the Career Services Department sees about 400 students a month, but many students still don’t know about Career Services and all that they have to offer.
The department’s purpose is to help students reach their career goals. Whether that is job searching, resume building, mock interviews, or helping students determine their major.

With the new position of Student Employment Specialist being created, the Career Services department is, “looking to make a lot of positive changes,” according to Larkin-Beene.

Career Services is located at the Main Campus in A-1175 and welcomes any and all feedback from students to help them improve. Both Bond and Larkin-Beene would like students to know that they are welcome to stop by anytime with questions or concerns.