Wolves aiming to improve with a new team

With the return of fall comes the startup of another basketball season at JJC.

The Wolves look to improve from last season, in which they had an overall record of 5-25. This time with an almost completely new roster, as Gavin Grace is the only returning player from last season, they look to reverse their fortunes.

Joe Kuhn, head basketball coach, already sees various areas to improve upon from last season. He mentions room for improvement in their team defense, and defensive rebounding, as well as the need to improve their shooting.

However, there are some encouraging signs from the team based on how their off-season has gone.

“Our guys have been working really hard in the pre-season which is a great sign. We have a long way to go, but it is still early in the process,” Kuhn said.

The team is not looking to aim high right off the bat, but just keep their heads down and work hard.

“Our goal is always to be playing to the best of our ability at the end of the season. If we are doing that, then everything else will take care of itself,” Kuhn said.

As it is a completely new roster for the Wolves, they have yet to elect a team captain. It is a process, as it will take time to see “who the leaders really are.” Expect this team to take some time to gel together and grow their chemistry.

“We have a very good group of solid young men who are looking to improve in a variety of aspects,” Kuhn said.

With the arrival of new blood into the team, JJC hopes to turn the team around. The Wolves are looking to make a run at the national tournament, which has not been done since 2011, and win the NJCAA Division III National Championship, which has not been done since 2010.

With it being his 23rd season as the head coach of the basketball team, Kuhn looks for additional things in coaching, aside from striving for success, especially this season.

“It is helping the young men grow, that I am most looking forward to this season,” Kuhn said.

Helping his players grow is something Kuhn has done countless times. He has made a positive impact on many of his former player’s lives. They make sure to tell him so too.

“When former players come back and tell us this was the best part of their college experience, it is very gratifying,” Kuhn said.

The Wolves have scrimmage games on Oct. 22 and Oct. 24. The season will officially open on Nov. 2 at Truman College.