GLAM welcomes new members to club

The GLAM club of JJC stands for Gay, Lesbian, and More. It’s purpose is to support members of the LGBTQIA+ community and all are welcome to join, whether they are students, faculty, or staff.

GLAM is meant to be a safe place for students to connect and feel welcome. The world is progressing but unfortunately it is still difficult for many to find acceptance. GLAM’s goal is to change that and allow students a safe haven and introduce them to people that are going through or have faced similar struggles.

“GLAM is a place where students can go to meet and be a part of a community,” said club president Ryan Queeney. “I hope [members] see it as a safe space to be on campus and are able to meet other members of the community there.”

Many people have a difficult time making new friends and building new relationships. With GLAM the hope is that people won’t have to worry about being judged, because they are in a group that supports their fellow members and embraces differences.

GLAM hosts numerous events throughout the year, recently they hosted a blood drive with the Red Cross on the Main Campus bridge. Every year they also host a prom at the Main Campus that has been quite successful in the past.

“My favorite part of GLAM is seeing all the members every week and to see them happy when we hold a successful event,” said Queeney.

During his presidency, Queeney says that he hopes to see the club, “grow in members and become more of an advocacy group.”

JJC may be a junior college, but it is no less a part of the college experience. Making friends, joining groups, self-discovery and acceptance are all a part of that experience. With clubs like GLAM, students, faculty, and staff alike are able to be united by their individuality. They celebrate one another and welcome all.

The club meets every Wednesday from 12-1 in the Veterans Conference Center, located in C-1043 on the Main Campus.