Hypnotist captivates student

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, JJC students gathered on the J-Building bridge, lining up with curiosity over the long-awaited special guest.

A long-time visitor and legendary hypnotist, Fred Winters, was invited to JJC to put more students in a trance. A craft that he has practiced and perfected in the span of 30 years, Winters captivated his audience of more than 60 students. Students were encouraged, if they dared, to volunteer to be hypnotized in front of the crowd.

During Winters’ show, students watched fellow classmates and teachers transport between riding a rollercoaster, screaming like their lives depended on it, to being completely knocked out cold sleeping within a matter of seconds.

The show also proves to help with stress levels among students, allowing them to take a break with a unique and light-hearted activity.

“Campus activities like this really help break up my day,” Chloe Shuur, a nursing student, said. “School can be stressful at times, and getting a good laugh like this can really swing somebody’s bad day around.”

Winters has been deemed a “tradition” at hundreds of colleges throughout the country, performing at JJC specifically for over 20 years now. He has become must-see entertainment to campuses, earning himself several performance awards from JJC.

Winters has put on more than 3,000 shows for college campus throughout his career and shows no signs of slowing down, still doing roughly 200 shows annually.

Today, he remains one of JJC’s top performances for not only his always clean and appropriate humor, but also by his way of captivating students, and providing something positive for everyone involved.

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