Congresswoman resigns following scandal

A congresswoman from California resigned after lewd photos of her were leaked on the internet along with the information that she was having an affair with a staff aide. 

Katie Hill, 32, was accused by right-wing political website RedState of having an affair with a campaign staffer. Hill first denied these claims until photos of her were leaked in a clear violation of privacy. The photos were also posted on the Daily Mail, a British tabloid. 

Hill admitted to having an affair and apologized. 

“I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgement. For that I apologize.” 

Hill was also accused of having another affair with her campaign finance manager, which she denies. The campaign manager also denies having a relationship with her, according to multiple reports. 

Hill’s relationship with the staffer was going to be investigated by the House Ethics Committee shortly before she resigned. Having a relationship with a subordinate is a violation of house ethics according to CNBC. 

Hill claims that her husband leaked the photos because they are going through a divorce. Posting and sharing private photos of an ex partner is known as “revenge porn” and it is illegal in several states, including California. 

This was a clear violation of Hill’s privacy, but it is not the first time a politician is involved in a sex scandal. 

President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct in the past but has denied all the allegations against him. Former President Bill Clinton also has several allegations of sexual assault and was impeached following the Monica Lewinsky scandal. 

Former Speaker of The House Dennis Hastert, who is from Illinois, also had several financial and sex scandals when he was the top congressman in the nation. Hastert was accused of financial crimes and sexually assaulting several young boys when he was a wrestling coach at a high school. 

Although Hastert resigned there is a congressman from Ohio who has been accused of knowing about sexual misconduct and doing nothing about it. Jim Jordan, the congressman from Ohio, worked at Ohio State University when several students came forward and said that one of the Doctors there had assaulted them. So far, he has not resigned. 

There is going to be a special election for Hill’s former seat. 

Hill’s resignation has raised numerous questions as to whether or not she would have been forced to resign if she were a man. These questions have sparked numerous debates and many fear that it will discourage younger women from seeking more publicized careers.

For college students majoring in things such as political science, this case may be a game changer in their career path.