Press Pause hosts open mic event

Press Pause hosted an open mic event Tuesday Nov. 12 on the Main Campus bridge from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. As a club dedicated to mental health awareness, Press Pause continually hosts events dedicated to providing students with an outlet to self-express and feel supported by their peers. 

Their most recent open mic event offered students and faculty the opportunity to express themselves through an artistic medium.

The JJC bridge was transformed into an intimate cafe setting with snacks and beverages for the audience to enjoy while they viewed the performers on stage.

Students and faculty stepped up to the mic to share poetry, music, and other forms of art all throughout the event.

Participants were encouraged to share their own original work or the work of someone else.

Press Pause stayed true to their mission and offered various resources connected to mental health for students to pursue during and after the event. 

Additionally, Student Wellness Advocates Jessica Contreras and Ausra Tauginaite, along with Care Management Coordinator Heidi Stukel spoke with the students about their positions at JJC and how they are available to help students around campus.

Overall the event was a success. A crowd gathered at the event to witness the performances of their peers. Press Pause member and host of the event Jacob Abrams said, “I was warmed to see so many students express themselves creatively in support of mental health advocacy. I’m so grateful for all my clubmates and the JJC staff that helped make this event possible.”