Primary election comes to Illinois

By now, many of us have heard that the primary elections for Illinois are right around the corner. A chief concern for many is who is running for the office of president, opposing the incumbent President Donald Trump. 

There are quite a few Democrats running against President Trump and even one Republican. President Trump is one of the most controversial presidents to date and many candidates are using their disdain for Trump as a primary focus of their campaign. 

Here is a look at the candidates running for the Presidential office. 

Donald Trump is running for his second term serving as president. His primary focuses have been restricting immigration and cutting taxes for companies and corporations through the Tax Cut and Reform Bill.

Bernie Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist. His plans are to create a Green New Deal and make Medicare and college available to everyone, regardless of their income. 

Joe Biden’s plans include protecting the Affordable Care Act, rebuilding the middle class and repairing alliances with foreign governments.

Mike Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City. Some of his signature concerns are climate change and gun control.**

Elizabeth Warren is another big proponent for building the middle class and advocates for Medicare for all. She plans to bring about big structural change and “make the rich pay their fair share.” 

Tom Steyer plans on prioritizing climate change and removing corporate influence from politics. 

Tulsi Gabbard is a service woman who plans on removing the U.S. from foreign war and building peace. Her key concerns include climate change and foreign relations.

Bill Weld is the only candidate from the Republican party running against Trump. He views himself as a candidate for mainstream conservatives. He supports the LGBTQ+ community and wants to improve the economy and foreign policy. 

The primary election will take place on March 17. More information on the candidates and their key concerns can be found on their websites. 

**Edit: Mike Bloomberg has since dropped out of the election and is now endorsing Joe Biden**