Student Gov. addresses complaints, issues

Recent meetings have had the JJC Student Government pulling speakers in to address student complaints and issues.

A recent guest was the food services manager of the college. Scott LeCompte was welcomed to speak on issues regarding the use of credit and debit cards in the JJC cafeteria. Many students experienced the inconvenience of the computer systems denying card transactions for a few weeks’ time at the beginning of the the 2020 spring semester.

“There was some kind of update that was not communicated to us,” LeCompte said. “From the beginning of the school year we would have these [days] where we couldn’t get anything going.”

Troubleshooting for the issue was being done “almost on a daily basis,” according to LeCompte.

JJC’s food services is trying to find out what exactly caused the issue. The ending result of the issue will either be the discovery of the systems original problem and its resolution, or a change in service providers.

Though the current provider has “assured [food services] they’ve corrected their glitch, their interface problems.”

LeCompte was also able to comment on the price raise in the cafeteria. It’s due to a change in vendor agreements. As many students know, JJC switched from the Pepsi company to rival brand CocaCola. This resulted in more favorable deals on soft drinks, but a rise in prices for things like milk.

Another reason for the price raise is labor rates, inflation and normal economic changes. “Those things have to trickle down,” LeCompte said.

Athletic director Greg Braun was also welcomed to discuss student use of the JJC event center. “Dr. Farmer and I have been in talks,” Braun said. “I want to open it up, I want to make it accessible.”

There is the possibility of the event center weight room being open, the only persistent issue being supervision of the space. Students workers are not qualified to watch the space while it’s in use.

The athletic director is also trying to establish open gym sessions in the events center. Last semester had sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., but it was ill received due to advertisement issues.

However, the event center is open for space requests from clubs. Clubs are encouraged to contact Braun or qualified event center staff as soon as possible if they wish to reserve the space.

Clubs will not be charged rental fees as outside entities, such as a third party reservation would be. “Feel free,” Braun said. “A lot of other groups hold any kind of events that they have.”

Braun also wants to host intramural sports for the college. Likely seasonal sports that would rotate with the traditional sports’ seasons.

The athletic director is also open to collaboration with other organizations for charity work, or community service initiatives.