Emily Marino returns in new role

Former JJC softball coach and Joliet native Emily Marino, has returned to her hometown to rejoin the Wolves coaching staff as head coach for the softball team and Assistant Athletic Director.

Marino parted ways with the Wolves back in 2015 after spending 10 seasons as the softball head coach. She spent 10 months as the director of Lodging at Woodside Sports Complex in Wisconsin Dells. Following that she was named Director of Intercollegiate and Intramural Athletics at Malcolm X College.

Marino explains her reasons for returning to JJC, “Joliet is my hometown and this is where my family is located,” Marino said. “I believe in the mission of JJC and providing a valuable education.”

Prior to Marino’s departure in 2015 she had recorded 166 wins and earned a North Central Community College Conference (N4C) Coach of the Year in 2007.

With the experienced background that Marino has in intercollegiate sports, and her master’s degree in Sports Management she was offered to take on the Assistant Athletic Director position at JJC.

“Being a former athletic director, I will be able to provide support and guidance based on my previous experience,” Marino said. “I am thankful to be a part of this athletic department.”

Marino has new ideas as Assistant Athletic Director and she is ready for her return as a coach and eager to help improve the athletic department.

Marino brought a fresh new start for her to add onto the 166 wins. Upon being rehired as the softball head coach, she brought along with her a new assistant coach, Peter Morsovillo. This helps Marino with his experience and brings another voice to the team.

“For the athletic department, I want to support Athletic Director Braun with his vision for the athletic department,” Marino said “For the softball program, I want to continue the recent success they have had.”

Marino talks about the addition of Morsovillo to the program. “He brings a wealth of experience with him to this position,” Marino said “I am excited to have him on board.”

With the return of Marino to the coaching staff and in the athletic department, the Wolves can get back to their winning ways.

“Being able to be directly involved with the student athletes, and helping them achieve their goals,” Marino said “I am happy to be back home.”