2020 JJC baseball season begins

The 2020 Wolves baseball season is upon us and the new year provides a fresh start to try and make this season a special one.

Loaded with a 32-man roster all focused with the same mindset of attacking the season for chance at a national title.

The season opener took place on Sunday, Feb. 23, the Wolves hosting. Morton College took the opener in a 3-1 win. The Wolves did not fail to present a strong group of arms that only allowed for one run.

“We have worked extremely hard this off season,” Coach Gregory Braun said. “I am very proud of these boys for all the work they have put in not just in the weight room and on the indoor turf, but in the classroom as well. We had 22 players with a 3.0 GPA or above.”

The Wolves bring over a well-experienced pitching staff which includes a starting rotation that carries the Wolves from time to time. Eight out of the 17 returning sophomores pitchers, along with the freshman that make up the rest of the roster, lots of games should be won off of the rotation and bullpen.

Having finished one game shy of .500 last season and a losing conference record, an emphasis on the focus and attitude of the team was addressed during the off-season.

The team’s need to step up and have a balanced attack to win and compete with others teams are improvements to look for as the season continues.

“We need guys to step up at the plate and contribute right away to allow us to get some runs on the board,” Braun said.

Although the Wolves take on the season with a new approach and goal, making sure the chemistry and leadership from the players that return is still there and growing strong is needed more than ever.

Braun stresses the importance of having leadership within the field and dugout. “My sophomores will be the players we need to look at to provide leadership,” Braun said. “Not just on the field, but in the dugout.  We need to believe in each other and believe that as 33 strong, we will be successful.”

The Wolves understand the importance of this season just like any other. Finishing the season last year with a brutal loss to Milwaukee Area Technical College in the region tournament is something that the Wolves want to forget.

Coach Braun stressed to his players a new motto of which will truly test his players mindset and passion for the game they play. “Attitude is a decision” was the new motto brought to the players in the off-season, testing their individual will for playing and purpose. The Wolves find themselves with a 1-0 start to the season hoping to continue and strive forward.

“We need to come in everyday with the attitude that we will work hard and give 100 percent in all we do,” said Braun.