COVID-19 brings early end to JJC’s athletic season

Still very fresh into the new year, 2020 has been one to remember, but not one to make good memories from. 

JJC has not been unaffected by the COVID-19 crisis, which has led to certain cancelations, ending the JJC sporting season until further notice. 

Due to safety recommendations by the CDC, the NJCAA made a difficult but appropriate decision to cancel all spring sports. This impacted JJC’s softball and baseball whose seasons were just underway.

“I understand and support the decision to cancel our spring sports seasons, but my heart breaks for my team, especially the sophomores,” said Assistant Athletic Director and Head Softball Coach Emily Marino in comments released by the college. “This team welcomed me in my return to JJC and worked so hard. They should be proud of their accomplishments. This group will always be special to me and I am very proud of them.”

During the week of March 9, JJC’s baseball team traveled to Texas and played nine games against other junior colleges in Texas. Shortly after returning, everything happened at once. The baseball season was announced as canceled and students were given an extra week of break.

Gregory Braun, athletic director and head coach of the baseball team, reflected on the sudden change of circumstances. “Obviously, the health and safety of our student-athletes is most important.” Braun said.

It is unknown when the season will return.

The NJCAA has also announced that no spring sport student athlete who was enrolled at a member college in 2020 will be charged a year of participation.

As far as the recruiting process for the 2020 recruits, it will be put to a halt until April 15 or until further information is given.

Though the circumstances may be difficult to adjust to, it is necessary. With students now transforming to online classes it is also up to the players to remain self-isolated and make sure they stay in mid-season form and in shape for the summer.

“It absolutely breaks my heart that we have to cancel our 2020 baseball and softball seasons, but this is what is best for our student-athletes at this time,” Braun said.