JJC exhibits virtual art gallery

Despite JJC’s Art Show being formatted differently due to unprecedented times, students can still enjoy the student-made works by viewing the gallery online. Director, Suzanne Gorgas, Asst. Professor of Fine Arts and Visual Arts, curated this exhibit comprised of twenty-eight works of art created by students at JJC.

Each piece tells its own story, expressing the global human rights issues at hand. The moving compositions represent a different social interaction and provide a visual insight into the human tendencies the artist feels are need to be highlighted.

Student Sergio Gomez created “Searching In The Field of Light.” He used condensed fields of color and texture reminiscent of themes in nature to capture the aura of the human form. The art show also featured work from student Corinna Button. She created “BUTTON between you and me” to portray what it means to be human. She worked with print, paint, and clay by layering and scraping to eventually reveal something under the surface.

“SACK Magenta” by Lorraine Sack depicts a woman she painted. Sack works closely with different women to portray them in a tasteful and truthful way, giving them a voice.

Since it is virtual, you as an art enthusiast or just a curious viewer with a social conscience can easily view the amazing paintings and drawings of talented students. The show started on the first day of classes, August 17th, 2020 and ends October 23rd, 2020. To access go to https://www.jjc.edu/ art-influence-breaking-criminaltraditions-virtual-art-show.