JJC administrators move on

At the beginning of summer, it was announced that three higher administrators would be stepping down from their positions at JJC and moving onto other prestigious spots in colleges around the country.

In an email from President Judy Mitchell announcing these reassignments, she wrote, “Each has kept me in the loop of their desires to grow professionally and explore other life paths…”

These members were among the highest positions at JJC and included Dr. Randy Fletcher, Rob Galick, and Malinda Carter.

Fletcher was the Vice President of Academic Affairs and has been appointed Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/ Chief Learning Officer at the Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne, Florida. Fletcher sent a thoughtful farewell email and thanked the whole academy saying, “Thank you for making my tenure the finest four years of my career.”

Rob Galick was the Vice President of Academic Affairs and has been appointed the Executive Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services at Harper College.

Malinda Carter was the Executive Director of Human Resources and has been appointed the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources in the Virginia Community College system. This new position allows her to move closer to her family on the east coast.

We wish all our beloved administrators the best of luck as they start the next journey in their professional careers.

With a lapse in some permanent administration over the summer, there have been Interim administrators stepping into these prestigious positions for the time being.

Dr. Amy Gray is now the Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. Pat Van Duyne is the Interim Vice President of Administrative Services. The Interim Executive Director of Human Resources is Judy Connelly. There are also other Interim positions that were filled, Commander Mel Cornelius is our campus Interim Chief of Police and Dr. Jorie Kulczak is the Interim Dean of Nursing, Health, and Public Services.

Escortina Ervin has been permanently appointed Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Compliance and we welcome her to our beloved school.