‘Out of Body’ opens minds, ears with raw emotion

With lead guitarist and founding member, Bo Rinehart, stepping down from his spot alongside his brother in a band he created nearly 20 years prior, NEEDTOBREATHE released their latest album. The three remaining members created their refurbished sound in “Out of Body.”

“Out of Body” is appropriately named, with the music evoking deep emotions. The album itself takes the listener on a journey of healing and astonishment. It forces a new perspective on the beauty of life. There are highs and lows amongst all 11 songs. Once the last of the 44 minutes plays out an overwhelming sense of closure and satisfaction sweeps over the listener.

The band is based in South Carolina and identifies more so with the rock genre. I, however, would categorize them as being heavily influenced by country and Christian rock. Each song has its own distinct sound, but all are interwoven with rich vocals, a deeper meaning, and a familiar southern twang.

“Alive” is a fast-paced song, packed with metaphor. There are so many layers to the indie vibe this song gives off. The line “running downhill” captures the frantic nature of loving the chase but being moments away from losing control and tumbling the rest of the way.

The track the album is named after, “Out of Body,” is most unlike anything the band has done before. It has a mid-tempo beat with a catchy tune full of life. With recent unprecedented times, this particular song hits home. The pandemic has changed life for everyone and has only exemplified feelings of loneliness. This song is pushing listeners to step outside themselves and find who they truly are.

“Seasons” is the perfect ballad to close out the album. It recaps the ups and downs of life as well as the emotions that NEEDTOBREATHE have explored throughout these 11 songs. The chorus is composed of beautiful harmonies amongst a constant drumbeat, feeling like angels singing alongside a heartbeat.

I was shocked to find myself genuinely enjoying a majority of songs on the album. Country is one of my least favorite genres of music.

However, NEEDTOBREATHE melds rock into it and create a contemporary sound that adds an almost danceability to the songs. One can’t help but want to sing their hearts out alongside the band members.

Another concern of mine was the element of Christian rock within the album. As someone who does not have strong religious ties herself, I was nervous these songs would be overly zealous in their faith, but that was not the case.

NEEDTOBREATHE does a great job balancing out spirituality within “Out of Body.” Only a few songs, such as “Survival,” directly address the aspect of Christianity, the others explore profound concepts that transcend everyday life and leave the listener to draw their own meanings in terms of personal convictions.

The new album provokes nostalgic feelings of long drives on country roads and many feelings of contemplation and existentialism associated with it. I would say the themes are definitely more looking at personal development and growth and are best experienced listening to alone rather than with a group of friends.

NEEDTOBREATHE has started a new chapter with this album, different from anything they have created before. This idea is heavily reflected upon with their music and pushes those listening to reflect on their own lives as well.

I would highly recommend listening to “Out of Body.” It has made its way into my everyday playlist despite being part of a genre I wouldn’t typically enjoy. They truly do something unique with their sound and everyone should check it out.