JJC Athletic Department hosts annual golf fundraiser

JJC Athletic Department held its annual golf fundraiser on Sept. 11 at Inwood Golf Club in Joliet and drew 117 golfers to the event. Inwood has hosted the event for many years.

The fundraiser, which provides funds for the athletic department and student scholarships, raised more than $14,600 in entry fees alone, as each golfer paid $125 for greens fees, golf carts, beverages and grab-and-go dinners.

The outing was open to anyone, and this year it drew an unexpectedly large group of golfers considering the COVID-19 issues that the region is experiencing.

The outing began at 10 a.m. and ran throughout the afternoon. It was hosted by Athletic Director Gregory Braun and Stephanie Kneip of the JJC Athletic Department.

Including the golf outing, the JJC Foundation Sponsorship Campaign raised over $50,000 this year.