Auto shop adds new safety measures

Multiple changes have occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic hit the United States, colleges have had to adjust their ways of teaching and how they operate.

The automotive department at JJC is just one of many departments that has had to adjust how classes are taught because of the recent pandemic.

Alyssa Binion, a student in the automotive program, mentioned how class sizes are smaller due to the pandemic. In addition to smaller class sizes, students are only allowed on campus for labs and their shop day.

Freshman students come in for class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday according to Andrew Graf, Assistant Service Manager. The shop class portion is part of the associate degree and is worth 4 credit hours.

Lectures are offered online only as required by the Restore JJC plan put into place when the pandemic began back in March.

Currently, the college has been operating under Phase 4 of its Restore JJC plan.

Under Phase 4, all courses are taught online. Some classes require on campus meetings, such as the automotive program. These meetings are allowed as long as social distancing and other safety measures are followed.

Social distancing is another change that has been implemented.

Binion also said, “On shop days, we still have a partner to work with, but we use every other bay and stay distanced from our partner to follow guidelines and stay safe.”

Masks and safety glasses are required at all times. Students are also only allowed to work and handle materials within their bay.

Binion mentioned that wearing masks has not been that big of a change. Automotive students are required to wear safety glasses so masks offer another added layer of protection.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectants are readily available for use. Tools and vehicles are disinfected each time after being handled by a student.

Binion said she has not had difficulty adjusting to these new changes. She said, “I kind of like them because I get to be on campus to get the hands-on learning experience.”

The Automotive Shop is open for students to utilize. The services offered by the Automotive Shop include oil changes, brake inspections, wheel alignments, and headlight restoration. Wheel alignments are offered at the end of September.

Students pay a $5 supply fee and for parts.

Vehicles can be brought in to be worked on from 8 am-5 pm during the week.

To make an appointment or ask any questions, students can call the automotive shop at 815-280-2229.