Showing your gratitude this holiday season

COVID has shown us that we cannot take anything for granted, from our well-being to our ability to see our loved ones when we choose.
The holidays give people a reason to be kind and spread cheer, but after the year we have all had, we need a lot more than holiday cheer – we need love.

There is never a wrong time to express your appreciation for someone, but the holidays make people feel warm and generous, so it is the perfect time to open up to loved ones and tell them how much you care.

There is a misconception that spending money and getting gifts amounts to love. Most people appreciate kind, genuine words more than an expensive present.

One way you can show a loved one how grateful you are to have them in your life is to write them a letter. It does not matter if you think you are a bad writer because the words you will write will be from the heart.

Writing is a way to unleash deep emotions in a healthy way. Some people feel better writing something if they find it difficult to say it out loud, which is understandable.

Ask yourself what you love about the person you are writing to, what they have done for you, how they have bettered your life, and think about how much you want to repay them for it by simply reminding them how special and important they are to you.

However, some people’s love language is not words. Kind words are kind, but they are just words to some people. Some people prefer actions over words, so maybe that means taking a loved one out to DO something.

Ditch the deep conversation that feels forced and make a memory together that expands your horizons and deepens your relationship.

Sometimes, simply supporting someone by being present and listening to them is all they need to feel safe and secure.

No matter how stable your relationship is, everyone likes assurance, so now is the time to remind your partner the first things you noticed about them and loved from the start. Now is the time to tell your parents all the lessons they have taught you. Now is the time to reminisce with your siblings on your favorite childhood memories. Now is the time to take pictures with your friends and put them in your home so you never forget them.