Synchronous classes would offer consistency

JJC students have been mostly learning online this fall, but that is not ideal for many.

A synchronous class would entail set meeting days and times. For example, an English class may meet on Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m.

This new way of learning may be a great opportunity for some students while it may pose some stress for others.

“Some students I know would prefer using Zoom as an outlet for learning while others would not. Everyone learns differently,” Adrein Martinez, JJC student, says.

On one hand, some students feel synchronous classes would offer much-needed structure, something that is more difficult to access through an online-only class.

Some students work better when they treat online school like they are actually going to the classroom to learn. This may mean they use a desk at home, get up, and get ready as if they were going out.

Another benefit to synchronous classes would be the fact that students could create their own schedules and take back the ability to choose, since COVID has taken away so many learning opportunities already.

Students can have a concrete plan that they set up every week or every month. This would help students to remain organized when times are stressful. This would also motivate students to stay on track and help them avoid procrastinating.

However, on the other hand, consider students who have to share their computer with siblings who also have online school. For them, it may be difficult to commit to synchronous classes.

They cannot afford to meet at certain times on certain days. It must also be noted that many students not just at JJC but at all colleges are juggling part-time or full-time jobs on top of going to school.

It is hard to get everyone together and match schedules when each student has a life of their own with other obligations to fulfill.

Students feel that having the ability to choose is convenient so they would know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

COVID has caused students to change their schedules to accommodate the new reality that is online school.

The hope is that synchronous classes can give students a way to reclaim their independence, the power to choose, and the power to plan a future that allows them to look beyond the pandemic and into a brighter future.