Wallows release EP to brighten up 2020

Wallows seem to be making the most out of what has become an interesting year to say the least. As with most artists, they have released some new music as well as adapting their live tours to be held virtually and hanging out with fans online.

“Remote” lasts for only 17 minutes and consists of six songs, each of which is a new experiment on their original sound. Like their debut album, “Nothing Happens,” their music is the kind that you can’t help but vibe out to and sing along to.

The band members, Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston wrote this entire EP, well, remotely. A quarantine could not stop their dedication for creating music. The three took to iPhone’s voice memo apps to record their vocals and FaceTime to share ideas.

The result was nothing short of wonderful. Despite being recorded separately, each song complements the others so well that half the time you can’t tell when one starts and the other ends. The entire EP feels like one long song filled with new love and heartbreak.

“Remote” kicks off with their single “Virtual Aerobics.” Perfectly positioned to draw audiences in, this song is about the excitement of new love. It’s fun, catchy, and reminds me of songs that would play over a montage in a coming of age movie.

This one is most similar to their old sound, with small add-ins like a phone chime. For the most part, however, the trio stay true to their roots with “Virtual Aerobics” and, later in the EP, “Talk Like That.”

Next up is “Dig What You Dug,” my personal favorite. There is no word to describe this track other than groovy. If you were to take a boy band rock song from the mid-2000’s and add an alternative twist to it, then this is exactly the song you would end up with. The rhythm is simple, making it fit in anywhere if you were to listen to the EP on shuffle.

“Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” opens with a funky guitar riff. The song is about connecting with a new love. Lyrics like “we only just met tonight / bit I think we’ll put up a good fight / we’re not that simple / let’s see it through” hold a special meaning.

Lemasters wrote this song with his girlfriend in mind. In my opinion, knowing this only makes the song that much sweeter. Especially since the opening lyrics are “I need a girl like you / someone to pull me through.”

Following “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” is “Coastlines.” Here, the EP begins to mellow out. Wallows channel a much more chill vibe with the beat picking up only in the chorus. This track expresses a vulnerability regarding Minnette’s long-distance relationship and the difficulties they pose.

As I said before, “Talk Like That” is one of the songs that reminds me most of the music on “Nothing Happens.” The indie trio channels their alternative rock whereas many of the other tracks towards the beginning gave me more of an electro-pop vibe.

“Remote” ends with the song “Wish Me Luck.” The track is a perfect closing, exploring the fear of being vulnerable and, instead, choosing to keep everything bottled up. It’s a wistful end with a rich beat.

The indie trio has added a much-needed groovy ray of sunshine into a rather bleak year. They are still discovering their sound, but this EP proves that no matter what direction they choose to take their music, their passion and talent will carry them far.